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Salmon River Watershed Partnership

The Salmon River Watershed Partnership

In 2007, the Watershed Towns, assisted by The Nature Conservancy, launched the Salmon River Watershed Partnership (SRWP). The Partnership consists of representatives from the Watershed Towns, The Nature Conservancy, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Trout Unliminted, Colchester Land Trust and Friends of Silvio O. Conti Refuge in Haddam.

Steering Committee Members

Watershed Towns

Bolton: Rod Parlee (temp)

Colchester: Jay Gigliotti, Randall Benson (alternate)

Columbia: Bryan Tarbell

East Haddam: Emmett Lyman, Jim Ventres (alternate)

East Hampton: Jason Jozefiak, Josh Wilson (alternates)

Glastonbury: Dennis McInerney, Tom Mocko (alternate)

Haddam: Gail Reynolds, Jim McHutchison (alternate)

Hebron: Brian O’Connell, John Mullaney (alternate)

Marlborough: Peter Hughes

The Nature Conservancy: Shelley Green

Connecticut DEEP: Eric Thomas

Land Trusts

Colchester Land Trust: Lisa Hageman, Cathy Shea (alternate)

Recreational Groups

Trout Unlimited:, open

Member at Large

Silvio O. Conti Refuge-Haddam Neck: Jim McHutchison